List of all members

No Country Organisation Website Type of organisation
1 Austria Plansee Group Service   GmbH Large company
2 Austria Rubig SME
3 Austria Montanuniversitaet   Leoben (SMMP dept) University
4 Austria Montanuniversitaet   Leoben (MUL-SMMP dept) University
5 Austria Montanuniversitaet   Leoben (Nonferrous dept.) University
6 Austria Materials Center   Leoben Forschung GmbH Large company
7 Austria Technical University   of Wien University
8 Austria Montanuniversitaet   Leoben (Ferrous dept.) University
9 Austria Graz University of   Technology University
10 Austria INTECO Large company
11 Austria Osterreichisches   Giesserei-Institut Research Organisation
12 Austria Montanuniversitaet   Leoben (Casting dept.) University
13 Austria RHI-AG Large company
14 Austria RHP-Technology GmbH SME
15 Austria Miba AG Large company
16 Austria BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH Large company
17 Austria BÖHLER   Schmiedetechnik GmbH Large company
18 Austria AIT Research Organisation
19 Belgium ArcelorMittal Large company
20 Belgium Flamac/SIM SME
21 Belgium Aleris Aluminium Large company
22 Belgium NV Bekaert SA Large company
23 Belgium Aurubis University
24 Belgium Belgian Welding   Institute Research Organisation
25 Belgium Elsyca N.V. SME
26 Belgium KU Leuven University
27 Belgium Vrij Universiteit   Brussel University
28 Belgium FEMS Research Organisation
29 Canada RioTintoAlcan Large company
30 Cyprus Uni-Cyprus University
31 Cyprus CNE Technologies SME
32 Cyprus Alter Eco Solution SME
33 Czech COMTES FHT a.s. Research   Organisation
34 Czech MATERIÁLOVÝ A   METALURGICKÝ VÝZKUM s.r.o. Research Organisation
35 Denmark Haldor Topsoe A/S Large company
37 Denmark DTU Energy Conversion University
38 Estonia Silmet   Molycorp Large company
39 Estonia Tallinn University of   Technology University
40 Finland Prima Power Large company
41 Finland Outokumpu Large company
42 Finland RollResearch   International Ltd SME
43 Finland Savonia University University
44 Finland Andritz Oy Large company
45 France Irepa   Laser SME
46 France Constellium Large company
47 France ESI   GROUP Large company
48 France PROMES-CNRS Governmental
49 France Aubert   & Duvall Large company
50 France ILL Governmental
51 France ESRF Governmental
52 France ERASTEEL Large company
53 France AREVA Large company
54 France Airbus   Group Innovations Large company
55 France Institute Jean Lamour University
56 France BeAM SME
57 France PSA Peugeot-Citroën Large company
58 France Vallourec Research   Center France Research Organisation
59 France Metalvalue SME
60 France CEA Research Organisation
61 France STMicroelectronics Large company
62 France Onera Research Organisation
63 Germany Daimler Large company
64 Germany Access   e.V. SME
65 Germany Max Planck Research   Organisation
66 Germany Bruker Large company
67 Germany ALD   Vacuum Large company
68 Germany SIEMENS Large company
69 Germany BMW Large company
70 Germany BCT SME
71 Germany Fraunhofer ILT Research Organisation
72 Germany Fraunhofer IPM Research Organisation
73 Germany Netzsch Large company
74 Germany Wieland-Werke AG Large company
75 Germany University of Ulm University
76 Germany TU Berlin University
77 Germany HSK Wiesbaden Research Organisation
78 Germany Helmholtz Institute   for Materials and Energy Berlin Research Organisation
79 Germany KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH Large company
80 Germany GFD SME
81 Germany Cemecon SME
82 Germany ZOLLERN GmbH &   Co. KG Large company
83 Germany Isabellenhütte   Heusler GmbH & Co. KG Large company
84 Germany BAM Federal Institute   for Materials Research and Testing Governmental
85 Germany DiaCCon GmbH SME
86 Germany Diamaze Coating   Technology GmbH SME
87 Germany FEM –   Forschungsinstitut Edelmetalle Research Organisation
88 Germany Uni. Erlangen www.uni‐ University
89 Germany ZoZ Group SME
90 Germany Fraunhofer IPA Research Organisation
91 Germany VDM Metals GmbH Large company
92 Germany TLS Technik GmbH   & Co Spezialpulver KG Research Organisation
93 Germany ThyssenKrupp Large company
94 Germany ECKA Granules Germany   GmbH Large company
95 Germany GKN Sinter Metals   Engineering GmbH Large company
96 Germany PMCtec GmbH SME
97 Germany Linde Group Large company
98 Germany NMD  Large company
99 Germany Bleistahl   Produktions-GmbH & Co. KG Large company
100 Germany H.C. Starck GmbH  Large company
101 Germany Saarstahl Large company
102 Germany Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH SME
103 Germany Fraunhofer ENAS Research Organisation
104 Germany DLR Governmental
105 Germany Nano & Micro   Technology Consulting SME
106 Germany BÖGRA Large company
107 Germany Fraunhofer IWS Research Organisation
108 Germany Kennametal Shared   Services GmbH Large company
109 Germany Steel Institute VDEh Large company
110 Germany Fraunhofer IFAM Research Organisation
111 Germany Volkswagen AG Large company
112 Germany Albert Handtmann   Metallgusswerk GmbH Large company
113 Germany Fraunhofer LBF Research Organisation
114 Germany Heraeus Deutschland   GmbH & Co. KG Research Organisation
115 Germany Natural and Medical   Sciences Institute Research Organisation
116 Germany Karlsruhe Institute   of Technology University
117 Germany HZG Research Organisation
118 Germany AMIC Large company
119 Germany CWM – Chemnitz SME
120 Germany G.U.B. Ingenieur AG Large company
121 Germany Fraunhofer IST Research Organisation
122 Germany FLC   Flowcastings GmbH Research Organisation
123 Germany Voestalpine Large company
124 Germany University of Rostock University
125 Germany PMG Large company
126 Germany FORD Large company
127 Germany Infineon Technologies   AG Large company
128 Germany Silicon Radar GmbH Large company
129 Germany IHP GmbH Large company
130 Germany AMITRONICS Large company
131 Germany Ingenieurbuero Dr.   Sellger SME
132 Germany OBZ Innovation GmbH Research Organisation
133 Germany Georg Fischer Large company
134 Hungary Wigner Research   Centre for Physics Research Organisation
135 Hungary Aluinvent Zrt. SME
136 Ireland Boston   Scientific Large company
137 Ireland Enbio SME
138 Ireland Trinity College   Dublin University
139 Ireland University College   Dublin University
140 Ireland DePuy Large company
141 Ireland Moovmor Large company
142 Ireland Dublin City   University University
143 Italy AVIO-Aero Large company
144 Italy AVIO-Prop Large company
145 Italy CR   Fiat Large company
146 Italy Politecnico di Torino University
147 Italy Thales Alenia Space Large company
148 Italy Instituto Italiano di   Tecnologia Research Organisation
149 Italy FOMAS Group Large company
150 Italy Columbus   Superconductors Large company
151 Italy Univ. Torino University
152 Italy Politecnico di Milano University
153 Italy Ecorecycling Srl SME
154 Italy Technosind SME
155 Italy Pometon SME
156 Italy University of Trento University
157 Luxembourg CERATIZIT Large company
158 Malta Malta University University
159 Malta Nanotech   Development SME
160 Norway TEGma   AS SME
161 Norway Norsk   Titanium SME
162 Norway Hydro Aluminium Large company
163 Norway SINTEF University
164 Norway ELKEM Large company
165 Norway Uni-Adger University
166 Norway Eyde-nettverket SME
167 Norway NTNU University
168 Poland Univ. Warsaw University
169 Poland ChM Large company
170 Poland IOD Krakow Research Organisation
171 Poland Kuźnia JAWOR   S.A. Large company
172 Poland Boryszew NPA Skawina Large company
173 Poland Polcasting Large company
174 Poland CELSA Huta Ostrowiec   Sp. z o.o. Large company
175 Poland Metal Expert Sp. z   o.o. Medium size
176 Poland Mennica Metale   Szlachetne SA Large company
177 Poland Explomet SME
178 Poland Metal Forming   Institute Research Organisation
179 Poland PIELASZEK Research SME
180 Poland Plasma System SA SME
181 Poland AGH Krakow University
182 Poland Instytut Spawalnictwa Research Organisation
183 Poland Materials Engineering   Group SME
184 Portugal Universidade do Porto   – FEUP University
185 Portugal DURIT – Metalurgia   Portuguesa do Tungstenio SME
186 Slovakia Slovak Academy of   Science Governmental
187 Slovenia University of Nova   Gorica University
188 Slovenia Institute   of Metals and Technology Research Organisation
189 Slovenia Impol   Aluminium Large company
190 Slovenia Store Steel Large company
191 Slovenia BALMAR SME
192 Slovenia Livar Large company
193 South Africa CSIR Research Organisation
194 Spain FUNDACION   IMDEA MATERIALES Research   Organisation
195 Spain FUNDACION   TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION Research   Organisation
196 Spain Grupo Antolin   Ingenieria Large company
197 Spain AMES Large company
198 Spain Sener Large company
199 Spain Gerdau Large company
200 Spain IDENER SME
201 Spain MIMECRISA Large company
202 Spain AIMME Research Organisation
203 Spain ITMA Research Organisation
204 Spain CENIM-CSIC Research Organisation
205 Spain CEIT Research Organisation
206 Spain Aimen Research Organisation
207 Spain Fundació CTM Centre   Tecnològic Research Organisation
208 Spain ITP Large company
209 Spain Acerinox Europa SAU Large company
210 Spain TUBACEX Large company
211 Spain ROVALMA Large company
212 Spain IK4-AZTERLAN Research Organisation
213 Spain Aernnova Aerospace Large company
214 Spain CTIngenieros Large company
215 Spain Grupo Nicolas Correa   Laser SME
216 Spain IK4-Lortek Research Organisation
217 Spain STADLER Large company
218 Spain AIRGRUP Large company
219 Spain ArcelorMittal Large company
220 Spain COJALI Large company
221 Spain ETXE-TAR S.A. Large company
222 Spain ITECAM Research Organisation
223 Spain BATZ Large company
224 Sweden AB   Sandvik Materials Technology Large   company
225 Sweden Ranotor SME
226 Sweden Höganäs AB Large company
227 Sweden Avure Large company
228 Sweden Swerea IVF Research Organisation
229 Sweden KTH Research Organisation
230 Sweden Thermo – Calc   Software AB SME
231 Sweden Chalmers University   of Technology University
232 Sweden Jernkontoret Large company
233 Sweden AP&T Large company
234 Sweden Lulea University of   Technology University
235 Switzerland EPFL University
236 Switzerland PX Services SA SME
237 Switzerland Paul Scherrer   Institut Research Organisation
238 Switzerland ETH Zurich-LMPT University
239 Switzerland EMPA SME
240 Switzerland MAN Diesel &   Turbo Schweiz AG Large company
241 Switzerland RUAG SPACE Large company
242 Switzerland Diamaze   Microtechnology SA SME
243 Switzerland Rolex Large company
244 Switzerland Inspire AG SME
245 Switzerland Varinor Innovation Large company
246 Switzerland Stellba AG SME
247 Switzerland Synthes   Produktions GmbH Large company
248 Switzerland Burckhardt   Compression AG Large company
249 The   Netherlands ESA Governmental
250 The   Netherlands Philips Large   company
251 The   Netherlands Tata   Steel Large   company
252 The   Netherlands M2i Research   Organisation
253 The   Netherlands Nedal   Aluminium Large   company
254 The Netherlands AllSeas Large company
255 The Netherlands GeoChem SME
256 The Netherlands RGS Development B.V. SME
257 The Netherlands SKF Large company
258 The Netherlands ECN Medium size
259 The Netherlands RSP-Technology Large company
260 The   UK Bombardier Large   company
261 The   UK Renishaw Large   company
262 The   UK CCFE Research   Organisation
263 The   UK BAE   Systems Large   company
264 The   UK Manufacturing   Technology Centre (MTC) SME
265 The   UK BP Large   company
266 The   UK Johnson   Matthey Large   company
267 The   UK Manchester   University University
268 The   UK Swansea   University University
269 The   UK University   of Birmingham University
270 The   UK Rolls   Royce Large   company
271 The   UK EPMA SME
272 The   UK Imperial College University
273 The   UK DONCASTERS Large company
275 The   UK Cambridge University University
276 The   UK National Physical   Laboratory Research Organisation
277 The UK Intrinsiq Materials   Ltd SME
278 The UK Reaction Engines Large company
280 The UK University of   Sheffield University
281 The UK Metalysis SME
282 The UK LPW Technology SME
283 The UK Univ-Cranfield University
284 The UK ISIS Neutron Source Research Organisation
285 The UK Ilika Technologies   Ltd Large company
286 The UK European   Thermodynamics SME
287 The UK University of Warwick University
288 The UK Cardiff University University
289 The UK Cummins SME
290 The UK Brunel University University
291 The UK University of   Leicester University
292 The UK Laser Additive   Solutions Ltd SME
293 The UK TWI Research Organisation
294 Turkey Assan Large company
295 Turkey Arcelik Large company
296 Turkey BEAM Ar-Ge Optics Medium size
297 Turkey Coşkunöz Holding Large company
298 Korea Korea Institution of Industrial Technology (KITECH) Research Organization
299 Korea Dae-Il Corporation (DI Corp) Large Company
300 Korea Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU)   University