About Metallurgy Europe

Metallurgy is a fascinating field, full of modern discoveries, commercial opportunities and industrial utility. To help solve the grand challenges facing society, it is imperative to continue investing in high-value metal products and their manufacture. European industry, academia and funding agencies now have seized a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish a vibrant, well-coordinated and large-scale ‚Metallurgy Europe Research‘ Programme that can design, develop and deploy the next set of revolutionary alloys and composites for key industrial applications, including energy, renewables, mobility and health. This programme initiative is timely, practically useful and economically necessary.

Research topics addressed:

  • Material discovery
  • Novel design, metal processing and optimisation
  • Materials for green energy and renewables
  • Recycling technologies

Metallurgy Europe has a two step project proposal process and organises one call for projects to fund every year.