Evaluation criteria

Each proposal will be scored out of 50 points (doubled to give a % mark) in accordance with clear criteria:

  1. Scientific & Technical Quality (10 points)
  2. Quality of Partnership (10 points)
  3. Industrial Impact (10 points)
  4. Societal Impact & Engagement (10 points)
  5. Management Approach (5 points)
  6. Appropriateness of Budget (5 points)


  1. Scientific & Technical Quality (10 points) – relevance to the specific call and the Metallurgy Europe roadmap – clarity of project objectives, in a quantified way – overall novelty, creativity and originality, beyond the state-of-the-art – soundness and coherency of scientific/technical work-plan – clarity of start and end TRLs
  2. Quality of Partnership (10 points) – quality of individual partners, and quality of team as a whole – technical complementarity and integration between different partners – good market opportunities for each partner in the value chain – European dimension, namely minimum 4 different EMSs – appropriate balance between multinationals, SMEs and academic support
  3. Industrial Impact (10 points) – level of industrial ambition, as well as end-user pull – relevance of project to global market needs – speed at which the new product can be brought to the market – development of a European- autonomous supply chain – efforts towards normalisation and standardisation (ISO, CEN, ASTM) – likelihood of making a positive contribution to Europe’s GDP
  4. Societal Impact & Engagement (10 points) – impact on society and the quality of life of the average citizen – PR and communication of results – training of apprentices and technicians – company work placements for students and interns level of public engagement (open days, lectures, trade fairs)
  5. Management Approach (5 points) – clarity and coherency of workpackages, incl. realistic manpower allocation per partner – appropriateness of management structure and governance – management of intellectual property and research data – risk analysis table – robustness, in case of partners’ withdrawal
  6. Appropriateness of Budget (5 points) – reasonable budget split between partners and tasks – appropriate listing of major cost items (>50k€) – budget allocation for patenting, design rights and trademarks – good overall value-for-money – have the Public Authorities already been contacted?